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6 Best Web Upload File

6 Best Web Upload FileAre you afraid that your digital data does not have a back up? Do not worry! Now, there is cloud storage technology or web upload file where you can store data without any storage devices. You just need to login and save it there, then freely access the data anytime and anywhere.

The ease offered by technology allow you unnecessarily confused if the hardware memory is full. You can put it in cloud storage. The agen bola providers even offer free services up to several GB that you can enjoy. Here are 6 best cloud storage systems you can try.

6 Best Web File Upload

  1. Google Drive

This built-in system from Google provides up to 15 GB of free storage space that you can fully enjoy. For usage above capacity, you need to pay about 10 USD for 1 TB per month. G-Drive is widely used because it generally auto-sync when sending email or when saving files in the phone.

  1. Dropbox

This one app becomes a competitor to Google Drive. If Google is usually used by Android users, Dropbox can be used in any OS including Windows and iOS. You can enjoy 2 GB of free, up to 16 GB provided if you invite friends to use Dropbox. Dropbox provides negotiation for users who use it for business.

  1. Box

This one provider is very popular for those who are business people. Box provides a free capacity of 10 GB and can be upgraded up to 100 GB for personal pro by paying 11.5 USD. The weakness of the box is to limit the size of 1 file where files can not be more than 250 MB. Therefore, storing HD video is not possible.

  1. Mega

Have you ever downloaded a song or video file on megaupload? The company was once blocked because of the many piracy. Currently, Mega switches to a web upload file service where you can put files up to 50 GB for free. Saving in Mega is cheap enough, you only need to pay 10 USD for 4 TB capacity.

  1. Bitcasa

To ensure the security of the user’s digital data, Bitcasa providers will encrypt your data before it is uploaded. Cloud storage of this one also only allows you as a uploader to view your own data. Free Capacity provided by Bitcasa is up to 25 GB, 25 USD for 250 GB, 250 USD for 2.5 TB and 1000 USD for 5 TB.

  1. Qihoo 360 YunPan

The provision of web upload file originating from China offers the most fantastic capacity of 36 TB for free. For many people, this may be very profitable. But for business use, many are doubting Qihoo in terms of data security because of its unnatural capacity.

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