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KRogue is a KDE version of rogue - a game where you have to explore dungeons, kill monsters, use magic items etc. The files in the rogue/ directory are the original files (with some modifications) from Other files are written by me. This version is written for KDE 2. Under KDE 1.1.x use KRogue 0.9.6pl1.

To build it type:
make install

(`make install` must be done as root)

If you want to uninstall it, type (as root): make uninstall

You can then delete the empty directories: $KDEDIR/share/apps/krogue

If you are upgrading from KRogue 0.9.6/0.9.6pl1, change the name of the score files - the host score file (in $KDEDIR/share/apps/krogue/) that was krogue.scores is now called The user score file (in ~/.kde/share/appe/krogue/) is now called krogue.user.scores. If you want to use both KRogue 0.9.6 and 0.9.7, make symlinks.

If you call an item (with Commands > Call), the name is stored in the savegame file in UTF-8, while KRogue 0.9.6 used the local charset. That means that if you restore a game saved with KRogue 0.9.6 with non-ASCII item names, the local characters may disappear. You should simply call all the items again. The same apply to the nicknames in the score files. If you have non-ASCII characters there, choose Command > Options and press OK.

If you don't have root access you can install KRogue in your home directory:

./configure --disable-path-check --prefix=~/.kde make
make install

You should edit ~/.kde/applink/Games/krogue.desktop (or use the Menu Editor) and change the path in Exec= line to an absolute path to the exectable (e.g. /home/mikolaj/.kde/bin/krogue).

If KRogue is already installed in someone's home directory and he has allowed access to these files you can make symlinks form your home directory to these files, or change the KDEDIR or KDEDIRS variable: export KDEDIR=<my KDE dir>:/home/someone/.kde

Mikolaj Zalewski <> 12 Oct 2001

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