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Recommended reading

  • The Linux XFree86 HOWTO - This document describes how to obtain, install, and configure version 4.1.0 of the XFree86 version of the X Window System (X11R6) for Linux systems. It is a step-by-step guide to configuring XFree86 on your system.
  • ATI R200 + XFree86 4.x mini-HOWTO - This HOWTO is for anyone who owns an ATI Radeon 8xxx graphics card and wants it to function in a certain way or, in general, properly with XFree86, the X Window System. It describes the procedure of making XFree 4.x run on an ATI R200 (Radeon 8xxx series).
  • Second Mouse in X mini-HOWTO - Quick instructions to enable a second mouse in X.
  • Linux Touch Screen HOWTO - This document describes how to set up a touch screen input device under XFree86.
  • XFree-to-Xinside mini-HOWTO - How to convert an XFree86 modeline into an XInside/XiGraphics one.
  • XFree Local Multi-User HOWTO - This HOWTO explains one of the ways to get a working, multiple, local X user-capable PC system for up to 16 users. It is based on using a modified Linux kernel with support for multiple independent users
  • Using Xinerama to MultiHead XFree86 V. 4.0+ - This document describes how to configure XFree86 Version 4.0+ with Multiple monitors and the Xinerama extentions.
  • Partition-Rescue HOWTO - This HOWTO addresses only the "lost partition table" problem.
  • GNU/Linux Post-Installation Checklist - This document provides a checklist for steps you should take immediately after installing GNU/Linux. These steps will save you a lot of bother if you encounter any problems later on. This document also includes a shell script for automating the post installation process.
  • Ext2fs Undeletion mini-HOWTO - This mini-Howto attempts to provide hints on how to retrieve deleted files from an ext2 file system. It also contains a limited amount of discussion of how to avoid deleting files in the first place.
  • PA-RISC/Linux Boot HOWTO - This HOWTO is aimed at anyone looking for some help and information about using Linux on a PA-RISC system.
  • Multi Disk System Tuning - This document describes how best to use multiple disks and partitions for a Linux system. Although some of this text is Linux specific the general approach outlined here can be applied to many other multi tasking operating systems.
  • Development for Multiple Linux Distributions mini-HOWTO - This document outlines a quick hack to aid in developing and testing user-space programs for multiple Linux distributions.
  • Managing Multiple Operating Systems HOWTO - This HOWTO covers the procedures for using removable hard disks to install and manage multiple alternative operating systems while leaving a single fixed disk to permanently house and protect the primary operating system. It is very scalable and offers a good degree of protection to and a stable disk environment for the primary operating system.
  • Managing Accurate Date and Time
  • Debian Binary Package Building HOWTO - This mini-HOWTO shows how to build a minimal Debian .deb package.
  • Swap Space Mini-HOWTO - This Linux Mini-HOWTO describes how to share your Linux swap partition with Windows.
  • Filesystems HOWTO - This small HOWTO is about filesystems and accessing filesystems. It is not Linux- or Unix-related document as you probably expect.
  • LILO mini-HOWTO - This file describes some typical Lilo installations. It's intended as a supplement to the Lilo User's Guide.
  • The Linux Installation HOWTO - This document describes how to obtain and install Linux software. It is the first document which a new Linux user should read to get started.
  • Installfest HOWTO - This document provides some guidelines that should help you run a successful installfest.
  • Install From PPA-Zip drive mini-HOWTO - This document describes how to install Linux from a parallel port zip drive using the Slackware Linux distribution.
  • Installation Strategies mini-HOWTO - This document discusses a few installation strategies for those who intend to dual-boot between Windows and Linux.
  • Benchmarking HOWTO - The Linux Benchmarking HOWTO discusses some issues associated with the benchmarking of Linux systems and presents a basic benchmarking toolkit, as well as an associated form, which enable one to produce significant benchmarking information in a couple of hours.
  • GNU/Linux pre-installation checklist - This document provides a checklist for installing GNU/Linux (hereafter referred to as Linux) as well as hints and tips along the way.

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