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Comparison Popular Web Upload File : Google Drive VS DropBox

Comparison Popular Web Upload File Google Drive VS DropBoxFor users of gadgets that often store files, it would be familiar to web upload file or cloud storage. Cloud storage lets users store digital data without using hardware. The two most popular cloud storage providers are G-Drive and Dropbox, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the comparison between Google Drive and Dropbox based on their shortcomings and advantages.

Comparison G-Drive VS Dropbox

  1. Free capacity

Google Drive users can enjoy 15 GB of free storage as long as they have a Google account. Generally, for those of you who have a Gmail account, then all your back-up data is synchronized in G-Drive. Likewise if email is used for Android access, then your back-up data has entered into the memory count in Google Drive.

Unlike Dropbox which by default only provides free capacity about 2 GB. But do not worry because Dropbox also provides capacity up to 16 GB for free as long as you invite friends to use Dropbox. Every 1 friend who successfully invited, you will get 500 MB free without paying monthly fee.

  1. Price

If you are a pro user of web upload file, then the more capacity you will use. Both Gooogle and Dropbox both offer competitive pricing for up to tens of TB usage.

Google charges 2 USD for 100 GB, 10 USD for 1 TB, 100 USD for 10 TB and 300 USD for 30 TB. While Dropbox, a pro can use capacity ranging from 1 TB at a price of 10 USD and ‘unlimited’ at a price of 15 USD only.

  1. Access

Google Drive users can accessĀ judi online their accounts from any device, smartphone, tablet and personal computer. Then, Google Drive limits the size of one file that can be uploaded that is only 5 GB only. While Dropbox can accommodate any size for 1 file and can also be accessed on any device.

  1. Encryption

Dropbox and Google Drive have the same disadvantages, that is, the data to upload is not encrypted first. This causes, others who access your account can access all the contents of your data as well. If the file is Ms. Office, then you should install a password before uploading to cloud storage.

  1. Flexibility

For those of you who use Android or often use many Google applications, then Google Drive is the right choice for you. But keep in mind that free storage is only 15 GB only, so for more capacity then you have to pay the cost per month.

Dropbox has become flexible web upload file than Google Drive because it can be used in any OS, especially if you are a Linux OS user. Dropbox also lets you install additional tools from third parties to make it easier for you to use them.

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