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What’s Web Upload File and Its Benefits

What's Web Upload File and Its BenefitsOne of the emerging technologies nowadays is web upload file where a user is able to store files without using hardware such as CDs, flashdisk and hard-disk. All data will be stored in a virtual server as its storage media. It can be accessed only by computer or mobile devices supported by internet services.

The Benefit of Web Upload File

When compared to hardware storage, web upload file has several advantages. Here are the advantages of this so-called cloud storage technology!

– Large scale

When you store digital data in hardware, then you only have a limited scale according to its capacity. For example, your flash can only hold 64 GB, then the rest, you have to buy another flash to save. All your data will be scattered into many devices, making it difficult when you want to reopen.

In contrast to this cloud storage technology, you can keep all your digital data in one place, without having to search on which device you store it. Digital data won’t be scattered. Even on a small scale, you have the opportunity to save it for free. This technology is quite practical and will make it easy for you to generate files while working every day.

– Easily accessible

As long as you’re connected to internet service, then you can access your judi bola wherever and whenever. Not only you, if you grant access rights to the others, they can also open data from their location. In this case, you do not have to bother to look for the existence of data and send it as an e-mail.

Moreover if you are incorporated in a company. All company data will be merged into a storage. Thus, from different divisions can access it and also maintain transparency in the workplace.

– Secure

By using cloud-based storage, you do not have to worry that your data will be lost. Unlike when you store it on hardware. When your device is lost, it will lose any data you have.

– As a back up

Maybe you still keep a lot of data in the hardware, including your computer memory. By storing it in cloud storage, at least you have back-up data. When data on your hardware is lost, then you just open your cloud storage and take it from there when it’s needed.

– File sharing medium

Have you ever had trouble sharing files to many people via email? Of course, you will feel troublesome because it is not practical. With web upload file, you just give access to others and let those people take it by themselves. Some storage is even automatic sync so you do not have to upload anymore.


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Comparison Popular Web Upload File : Google Drive VS DropBox

Comparison Popular Web Upload File Google Drive VS DropBoxFor users of gadgets that often store files, it would be familiar to web upload file or cloud storage. Cloud storage lets users store digital data without using hardware. The two most popular cloud storage providers are G-Drive and Dropbox, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the comparison between Google Drive and Dropbox based on their shortcomings and advantages.

Comparison G-Drive VS Dropbox

  1. Free capacity

Google Drive users can enjoy 15 GB of free storage as long as they have a Google account. Generally, for those of you who have a Gmail account, then all your back-up data is synchronized in G-Drive. Likewise if email is used for Android access, then your back-up data has entered into the memory count in Google Drive.

Unlike Dropbox which by default only provides free capacity about 2 GB. But do not worry because Dropbox also provides capacity up to 16 GB for free as long as you invite friends to use Dropbox. Every 1 friend who successfully invited, you will get 500 MB free without paying monthly fee.

  1. Price

If you are a pro user of web upload file, then the more capacity you will use. Both Gooogle and Dropbox both offer competitive pricing for up to tens of TB usage.

Google charges 2 USD for 100 GB, 10 USD for 1 TB, 100 USD for 10 TB and 300 USD for 30 TB. While Dropbox, a pro can use capacity ranging from 1 TB at a price of 10 USD and ‘unlimited’ at a price of 15 USD only.

  1. Access

Google Drive users can access judi online their accounts from any device, smartphone, tablet and personal computer. Then, Google Drive limits the size of one file that can be uploaded that is only 5 GB only. While Dropbox can accommodate any size for 1 file and can also be accessed on any device.

  1. Encryption

Dropbox and Google Drive have the same disadvantages, that is, the data to upload is not encrypted first. This causes, others who access your account can access all the contents of your data as well. If the file is Ms. Office, then you should install a password before uploading to cloud storage.

  1. Flexibility

For those of you who use Android or often use many Google applications, then Google Drive is the right choice for you. But keep in mind that free storage is only 15 GB only, so for more capacity then you have to pay the cost per month.

Dropbox has become flexible web upload file than Google Drive because it can be used in any OS, especially if you are a Linux OS user. Dropbox also lets you install additional tools from third parties to make it easier for you to use them.

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6 Best Web Upload File

6 Best Web Upload FileAre you afraid that your digital data does not have a back up? Do not worry! Now, there is cloud storage technology or web upload file where you can store data without any storage devices. You just need to login and save it there, then freely access the data anytime and anywhere.

The ease offered by technology allow you unnecessarily confused if the hardware memory is full. You can put it in cloud storage. The agen bola providers even offer free services up to several GB that you can enjoy. Here are 6 best cloud storage systems you can try.

6 Best Web File Upload

  1. Google Drive

This built-in system from Google provides up to 15 GB of free storage space that you can fully enjoy. For usage above capacity, you need to pay about 10 USD for 1 TB per month. G-Drive is widely used because it generally auto-sync when sending email or when saving files in the phone.

  1. Dropbox

This one app becomes a competitor to Google Drive. If Google is usually used by Android users, Dropbox can be used in any OS including Windows and iOS. You can enjoy 2 GB of free, up to 16 GB provided if you invite friends to use Dropbox. Dropbox provides negotiation for users who use it for business.

  1. Box

This one provider is very popular for those who are business people. Box provides a free capacity of 10 GB and can be upgraded up to 100 GB for personal pro by paying 11.5 USD. The weakness of the box is to limit the size of 1 file where files can not be more than 250 MB. Therefore, storing HD video is not possible.

  1. Mega

Have you ever downloaded a song or video file on megaupload? The company was once blocked because of the many piracy. Currently, Mega switches to a web upload file service where you can put files up to 50 GB for free. Saving in Mega is cheap enough, you only need to pay 10 USD for 4 TB capacity.

  1. Bitcasa

To ensure the security of the user’s digital data, Bitcasa providers will encrypt your data before it is uploaded. Cloud storage of this one also only allows you as a uploader to view your own data. Free Capacity provided by Bitcasa is up to 25 GB, 25 USD for 250 GB, 250 USD for 2.5 TB and 1000 USD for 5 TB.

  1. Qihoo 360 YunPan

The provision of web upload file originating from China offers the most fantastic capacity of 36 TB for free. For many people, this may be very profitable. But for business use, many are doubting Qihoo in terms of data security because of its unnatural capacity.

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3 Best Web File Upload for Your Smartphone

3 Best Web File Upload for Your SmartphoneAs technology evolves, digital data is getting bigger for better quality. We often store many kind of data on smartphones ranging from photos, audio, to documents that size MBs per data. Limitations of internal and external memory can be overcome by storing the data in web upload file.

3 Best Web File Upload for Your Smartphone

Until now, there are several providers that are also called cloud storage which offer different features and different price ranges based on space. Here are some providers that allow you to install it on your smartphone.

  1. Google Drive

For those of you who use Android smartphone, certainly familiar to the logo of of blue, yellow and green triangle application. Google Drive becomes the default app on Android because it comes from a giant company, Google. When you decide to sync with G-Drive, the data stored in the smartphone is also stored in G-Drive.

When you lose your smartphone, you just need to access your G-Drive account and then retrieve all the stored data. The lost phone does not mean you are losing data as well. You can store up to 5 GB of data for free on G-Drive and can be upgraded at a cost of about 2 USD per month to save as much as 1 TB.

  1. Microsot OneDrive

If your smartphone is Windows OS, then the auto-synchronized storage is Microsoft Onedrive. The use of OneDrive is a lucrative thing compared to other web upload file because it has the largest free capacity, up to 7 GB. You can also upgrade it with paid fees per year which is quite affordable.

What makes OneDrive so special? Not only do you store data through your smartphone. When you open it through a browser, you can instantly edit certain files like Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, PowerPoint and files that are in Ms. Office. For those of you who are office workers, of course OneDrive will be very helpful.

  1. DropBox

Besides G-Drive which is so popular among smartphone users, there is also app named Dropbox. This application provides a capacity of 2GB for free. If you invite friends to use this application, then you are free to enjoy up to 18 GB of storage. Dropbox is very popular because it can be installed on a smartphone in any operation system.

Another advantage of Dropbox is private option and similar options such as mailing lists. When you share with friends, they can change the content of the document. You can also change the content or contents of a folder in the dropbox. This bandar bola web upload file is quite profitable for those who use dropbox for business or company.

Reasons: Startups Likely Consider Web Upload File
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Reasons: Startups Likely Consider Web Upload File

The growth of today’s startup companies is pretty good and definitely requires servers to store their corporate data. Because of the new business, startup owners often have problems with budget efficiency. Moreover, making the server price is quite expensive while the business projection is still uncertain. That’s why, startups choose web upload file as their storage solution.

Reasons Why Web Upload File is Useful

– Facilitate Access

Any division staff within a company will be able to access data that is needed easily. As long as they are connected to the Internet, they do not need to contact a colleague to request data. Also, staff does not have to bother carrying hardware containing potentially lost or lagging data. Just open the storage as long as there is adequate device and internet service.

– Efficiency of time and cost

Building a server for startup companies data requires certain amount of funds. It is expensive, maintenance costs are also quite high while fluctuations in storage requirements are uncertain. With web upload file, companies can reduce costs by adjusting space requirements in the cloud.

Besides saving costs, the company can also save time in advance when an error occurs. Error storage devices usually take time for temporary repairs meanwhile work is not something that can be postponed. With this system, the company does not have to worry the work will be hampered. All data is safe and accessible at any time.

– The system can archive data

Encrypt data on local devices has the possibility of missing or scattered. Data lost in large numbers will harm anyone, especially companies. The cloud system can save the data as a safe archive. Thus, this cloud-based storage will help startup companies to make sure that everything is safe and neat.

– There is warranty recovery

Although the lack of a cloud system is the occurrence of errors such as data lost, but this is not something to worry about. Each web upload service provider will recover your lost data, so the error is only temporary. The speed of recovery depends on the service provider.

Some providers even give free bonus spaces that can be used temporarily, so companies or users do not have to pay within a certain period of time.

– Long term investment

The implementation of this web upload file system can be categorized as a long-term investment. You can save inventory purchases in the form of storage devices such as CDs or flash discs in large quantities. You only need to pay the annual cloud storage rent which is very cheap compared to the risk of data loss.