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3 Best Web File Upload for Your Smartphone

3 Best Web File Upload for Your SmartphoneAs technology evolves, digital data is getting bigger for better quality. We often store many kind of data on smartphones ranging from photos, audio, to documents that size MBs per data. Limitations of internal and external memory can be overcome by storing the data in web upload file.

3 Best Web File Upload for Your Smartphone

Until now, there are several providers that are also called cloud storage which offer different features and different price ranges based on space. Here are some providers that allow you to install it on your smartphone.

  1. Google Drive

For those of you who use Android smartphone, certainly familiar to the logo of of blue, yellow and green triangle application. Google Drive becomes the default app on Android because it comes from a giant company, Google. When you decide to sync with G-Drive, the data stored in the smartphone is also stored in G-Drive.

When you lose your smartphone, you just need to access your G-Drive account and then retrieve all the stored data. The lost phone does not mean you are losing data as well. You can store up to 5 GB of data for free on G-Drive and can be upgraded at a cost of about 2 USD per month to save as much as 1 TB.

  1. Microsot OneDrive

If your smartphone is Windows OS, then the auto-synchronized storage is Microsoft Onedrive. The use of OneDrive is a lucrative thing compared to other web upload file because it has the largest free capacity, up to 7 GB. You can also upgrade it with paid fees per year which is quite affordable.

What makes OneDrive so special? Not only do you store data through your smartphone. When you open it through a browser, you can instantly edit certain files like Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, PowerPoint and files that are in Ms. Office. For those of you who are office workers, of course OneDrive will be very helpful.

  1. DropBox

Besides G-Drive which is so popular among smartphone users, there is also app named Dropbox. This application provides a capacity of 2GB for free. If you invite friends to use this application, then you are free to enjoy up to 18 GB of storage. Dropbox is very popular because it can be installed on a smartphone in any operation system.

Another advantage of Dropbox is private option and similar options such as mailing lists. When you share with friends, they can change the content of the document. You can also change the content or contents of a folder in the dropbox. This bandar bola web upload file is quite profitable for those who use dropbox for business or company.

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