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The Weakness and Advantages File Hosting

Web File Upload – File hosting or hosting is online storage provided by the company to the site creator or site owner and free and paid hosting for the account owner. Due to get complete facilities for file hosting, the users of the account, are required to pay. If you only want to use for free, the account owner will get limited facilities in accordance with provisions set by the hosting company.

It has become a habit of weaknesses and the advantages of file hosting. Because it is one of the advantages of the site to sell in the market. Here are some of the weaknesses and advantages of a site, among others;

– Google Drive is one of the most popular and most owned file upload sites because each has a Gmail email account, automatically has this account. The advantage of Google Drive is that it can store all files in one place, can upload and download directly from the device, can make the folder available offline, can upload and convert it into Google Docs format. For the draw is, if you want to do online storage, internet connection network that affects the speed.

The Weakness and Advantages File Hosting– MediaFire is included in the oldest site for upload file upload facility. The longer, the look and facilities provided by MediaFire is better. Here are the advantages, among others; when downloading, can be Pause and resume, takes a short time if downloading a file and can be done using IDM (Internet Download Manager), and storage space is quite large. For the disadvantage is if you want to upload, limited to at least 100 MB once upload and no search feature.

Ziddu– Ziddu also belongs to one of the popular hosting files due to its superiority, among others; can use Bahasa Indonesia, anyone who download the file from the account, the owner of the account will get $ 0.01 each download, register free, unlimited storage space. The drawback is that too many ads appear if you want to download files from this site, even if you are using pop-up blocker add-ons, the downloaded files are sometimes damaged, there is no search feature and requires having an account if you wish to have them.

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