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Things To Consider Before Uploading Photo Should Every Blogger Know

Having a blog can be an interesting time to share anything you like. Blog sets you free to do all the things for example uploading photos. You not only can write your story or experience but also uploading your photos. It is great when you can share your memories to the world just posting on your blog. But, there are several things you need to consider and beware of uploading your photos. These things will keep your privacy secured. So, let’s find out below!

First thing first, You cannot just download any photos on google and upload it on your blog. Most of images have copyrights and you could be sued and charge using or uploading images on your blog without putting any references. Keep in mind that you do not have the rights to use it. There have been many bloggers that are sued for using photos with copyrights. If you want to use image for Google make sure that it does not contain copyrights. If you are not sure, you can use your pictures!. Another thing to keep your uploaded photos on your blog are secured. It is great for you to place a watermark on your photos. Generally, it is not a requirement but it is a personal choice. Watermark will secure you photos from any scam. Your photos with watermark cannot be used without your consent.

Things To Consider Before Uploading Photo Should Every Blogger KnowAfter you have finished with anything that keeps you legal. Now, when you want to generate lots of visitors to your situs judi bola. You can rename your photos. Renaming your photos will help your visitors find your website. It is SEO tips you can apply for your website and helps to show up your blog in the search. Next, another important thing is you may need to resize your photos. Actually, when you upload photos with large size, it can slow your blog to load.

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